Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Each one of us explores ideas and believes the reason for their existence on earth. Each one of us has come to this blue planet with meaning and purpose. Every individual has different views on spiritualism. It is mostly considered one's search for meaning and purpose of human existence, leading one to strive for achieving inner peace and harmony with oneself.
It is indeed essential for each one of us to believe and explore the deeper meaning of beliefs we harbour rather than being untrue to ourselves. The path of seeking spiritual bliss may involve meditation, prayer, affirmations which connect you to the higher power. Yoga and meditation enables you to develop the ability to discipline your body & mind and walk towards achieving spiritual elevation in life.
Having the capacity of love, compassion towards others, forgiveness and joy enhance your spiritual path. One’s willingness to transcend to seek harmony between that lies within and the outside forces certainly enhances the path of spiritual wellness of oneself.

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