Saturday, 30 July 2016

Music Therapy for reducing stress!!

Music Therapy for reducing stress!!

Music has a very powerful and soothing effect on human mind. This enables to reduce stress and relaxes the mind. Music preference varies from individuals hence choose music which is suitable to your mood. Ideally slow and quiet music provide the brain to relax and has a tranquil effect on your body. It slows down the pulse and heart rate, lowers the level of stress. Hear happy songs and music which will uplift your mood if you are depressed and disturbed. Productivity of a human being increases when the stress level is lowered. Try to incorporate music in your busy life by playing in the car when you are driving, or listening to music when you take your dog for a walk or jogging or travelling to your work place etc. Singing along with the music is a great way to help reduce stress and make it extremely enjoyable. Music acts a distraction to our mind and helps to restore the lost energy.

Music is also great aid to meditation and helps the mind from wandering. There are particular music which are appropriate for meditation as it help the mind to slow down and allows the mind to relax. Choose a music which has a soothing effect and calms your mind before setting to meditate. Once you have identified the music, select a place in your room which brings peace to your mind. Dim the light or draw the curtains of the window. Sit on a chair or a mat which ever you are comfortable. Close your eyes, breathe easy, switch on the music and listen to it. Keep all your focus on the music and continue to listen to the music for 15 mins or as long as you feel comfortable. This will help your mind to slow down and release stressful thoughts. Once you feel relaxed, slowly open your eyes and you will be surprised to find the calmness you will feel within yourself.

Go ahead make music your best friend from today !!

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